UBC’s History

The Original UBC Sanctuary

The Original UBC Sanctuary

Urbanna Baptist Church has a rich heritage. It has enjoyed the fruits of strong leadership and the faithful service of dedicated members for over 128 years.

Seventeen Urbanna residents with letters of transfer from churches at Clark’s Neck, Harmony Grove and Glebe Landing saw the need for a church in this bustling port town and organized the church in 1888. A small sanctuary was built in 1896 almost single-handedly by C.H. Palmer. Bricks for the foundation were obtained from the nearby demolished jail, where Baptist pioneer John Waller and several associates had been imprisoned in 1770 for preaching the gospel without a license. The first building remains as the central portion of the church’s present sanctuary. By 1905 the congregation had grown to the point that an enlargement plan was needed.

With historic roots to be proud of, Urbanna Baptist Church is committed to a useful future in our town. A two-story addition was completed in 1997 providing ample educational facilities, a modern fellowship hall with a commercial kitchen, and offices.  A certified day care program offers competent care for children up to kindergarten age.

Urbanna Baptist Church is noted for quality music programs, orderly and meaningful worship, and a warm, friendly congregation which welcomes many visitors and new residents who come to Urbanna.  Missions are an important part of the church life, with volunteers serving locally and overseas on a regular basis.

Bell Tower

The Bell Tower had some repairs done to it in June 2011.  Thanks to the courtesy of the Southside Sentinel and the photography of Larry S. Chowning we are able to show you the historic bell.

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