Sleeping Bag Ministry

sleeping bag ministryThe second Monday of each month (7-9 PM) the UBC Sleeping Bag Ministry makes homemade sleeping bags to give away to neighbors in need and to the Daily Planet in Richmond to distribute to the homeless.

Come and enjoy the fellowship and help others in need! Men and women are welcome to come and work with us. Also, student groups from other churches help from time to time. We’ll be glad to give you or your group some direction for getting started.

Materials Needed

If you have materials to donate they can be placed beside the UBC Outreach Table between the fellowship hall and the sanctuary at anytime.


  • Sheets
  • Polyester material
  • Cotton material
  • Curtains/Drapes
  • Tablecloths


  • Batting
  • Blankets
  • Mattress pads
  • Quilts
  • Comforters

History of the Sleeping Bag Ministry

Some time ago, several of the women of our church read an article in Guidepost magazine written by Flo Wheatley of Hop Bottom, Pa. Not knowing others had read it they were turning the ideas around in their own minds, when at a meeting one night, one used the idea as part of the program.fv-sleeping-bag-ministry-art-g6rh7tmi-1fv-sleeping-bag-ministry-kr-05-jpg

Following the program they discussed the project and decided to try it. In the article, Flo told about her experience of seeing homeless people everyday on the city streets and decided she wanted to help them by making and distributing sleeping bags. She created the idea as a hobby from scraps of material in the winter of 1985. She told friends about her project and they joined her, word of the sleeping bag project spread and now church groups around the world help in implementing her idea. We decided to meet one night a month and work on the bags.

The project was not going fast enough for a couple of our ladies so they planned a Mystery Missions Adventure at the cost of $5.00 to cover the expense of the trip and dinner. They invited all church members to join them. When church members arrived in the parking lot at 3:00 in the afternoon they were met by their tour guide, clipboard in hand. When everyone arrived she told them we could not afford a bus on $5.00 so we would use the transportation God had provided to go on our trip.

They walked over to the church and went down the basement which had a sign that read Urbanna Homeless Workshop. Inside they found workstations all set up to make sleeping bags and the church kitchen set up as a soup kitchen. Everyone worked until 6:00 when a soup supper was served and then back to sewing until 9:00. That was how our project became coed and has remained that. We have expanded to working the first Monday of each month from 7-9 to increase our production. The students of Christ Church have joined us on several occasions to work as one of their service projects.

Our project has been done without expense except for the $5.00 we collected at the missions adventure which we used to purchase scissors, needles, etc. in sufficient supply to have available to work with. Just when we think we are getting low on one type of material or another it just appears in the lobby. We feel the Lord is really in our project and has provided us with supplies as we need them.