“No Strings Attached” Puppet Team

puppet outreach“No Strings Attached” was born in March, 1994. Lori-Don McNamee had been a puppetter when she was growing up and furnished the expertise and enthusiasm needed to begin our group at Urbanna Baptist Church. We welcome anyone seventh grade or above to join us.

We perform in local churches, nursing homes, senior citizens centers, boys and girls clubs, and campgrounds locally. As well as performing we consider ourselves a training team. We have gone on a number of mission trips teaching puppet construction, stage building, and performance techniques.


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Our puppets are rod arm puppets, thus no strings. However, more important is that God’s love comes to us without strings. He cares for us just as we are. His free gift of love is what we wish to carry to others as we bring our program to young and old alike in the United States or abroad.


Where We’ve Been

  • 1995 Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • 1996 Panama
  • 1997 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • 1998 Czech Republic
  • 1999 Blackwood, NJ
  • 2000 Santa Caterina, South Brazil
  • 2001 IFest, Kankankee, Illinois
  • 2002 Vermont
  • 2003 Howell, Michigan
  • 2004 Czech Republic & Croatia
  • 2005 Trinidad
  • 2006 Gulf Port, Mississippi
  • 2007 Springfield, Missouri
  • 2008 Asheboro, North Carolina
  • 2009 Romania
  • 2010 Southwest, Virginia
  • 2011 Martinsville, Indiana
  • 2012 Memphis, Tenn.
  • 2014 Southwest, VA
  • 2015 Eastern Shore, VA
  • 2016 Puppet Boot Camp, Middlesex County, VA