Mobile Food Pantry

Through partnership with Hands Across Middlesex, Urbanna Baptist hosts a mobile food pantry on the second Tuesday of each month from 3:30-5:30PM. Each month, we need volunteers to help greet clients and carry food to their vehicles. For more information on helping with this event, call the church office.

What’s a Mobile Food Pantry?

In 2015, Hands Across Middlesex recently received a grant from River Counties Community Foundation, BJ’s Charitable Foundation, FeedMore and Northern Neck Food Bank for a refrigerated truck to expand food service locations for persons unable to pick up food at the Cryer Center on their designated date.  The mobile truck location varies among several churches in Middlesex County.  Refer to the HANDS Events calendar for the mobile truck location and hours.

Food Insecurity in Middlesex County

According to statistics from the Feeding America initiative, 10.7% of our county’s population (or 1,160 people) faces food insecurity. The goal of the Mobile Food Pantry is to assist the household in our county which are food insecure, or on the verge of food insecurity. No man, woman, or child in our county should go hungry.

USDA describes ranges of food security

Food Security
  • High food security (old label=Food security): no reported indications of food-access problems or limitations.
  • Marginal food security (old label=Food security): one or two reported indications—typically of anxiety over food sufficiency or shortage of food in the house. Little or no indication of changes in diets or food intake.
Food Insecurity
  • Low food security (old label=Food insecurity without hunger): reports of reduced quality, variety, or desirability of diet. Little or no indication of reduced food intake.
  • Very low food security (old label=Food insecurity with hunger): Reports of multiple indications of disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake.
Percentage of households reporting indicators of adult food insecurity, by food security status, 2014
Food secure Low food security Very low food security
Worried food would run out 6.4 91.8 98.1
Food bought did not last 3.6 82.7 96.9
Could not afford balanced meal 3.4 76.5 96.9
Cut size of meal or skipped meal 0.2 37.2 96.2
Cut or skipped meal in 3+ months 0.0 20.1 88.9
Ate less than felt should 0.3 38.3 95.7
Hungry but did not eat 0.0 10.4 69.4
Lost weight 0.0 4.2 45.2
Did not eat whole day 0.0 1.2 29.8
Did not eat whole day, 3+ months 0.0 0.2 24.0
Source: Calculated by ERS (Economic Research Service) using data from the December 2014 Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement.