It’s Not just Dinner!

Wednesday Night Fellowship Dinner.  It’s NOT just dinner!

What a great opportunity to enjoy fellowship with others and not have to cook, wash dishes or dirty up your house!  Let us do the work for you!  After an evening of enjoyable conversation, join us for Bible Study each Wednesday Night at 6:45 pm.

Before each dinner at 5:45pm we engage in a prayer time.  Please come and join others in spiritual prayer to give people or situations up to God.  He so much wants to hear from us!

Last but not least is our Choir!  We practice every Wednesday Night at 7:30pm Come join us singing hymns for God Hallelujah!


Mission Friends meets on Wednesday nights from 6:45-7:30 for children who are ages 3 through Kindergarten. We follow a curriculum established by WMU exploring missionaries stateside and abroad.  Children learn through interactive play, crafts, prayer, and music.  Other activities include Bible verse memorization and sign language.

Note: This program will likely evolve into “Children in Action” for grades 1-6 as the current group begins to age out/expand.

Schedule is as follows:

Prayer Time               5:45 pm

Dinner                       6:00 pm

Mission Friends           6:45 pm

Bible Study                6:45 pm

Choir Practice            7:30 pm

So how do you get involved?

To start make a dinner reservation of course!

Please note: If you are interested in our Bible study or Choir there is no reservation needed.

How can you make an impact????  Join our cooking team!  Yep that is correct.  What a blessing it is to someone to feed them something cooked by you! We are always looking for people to help in the kitchen. If you would like to join our teams don’t forget to type “Yes” in the box.

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Now the best part!  The reservations!!! Please fill out the form below.

Deadline to reserve a dinner is 11:00 am on each Monday!

In the “Message field” please indicate how many adults and children will be attending. Children/Students eat free but still need to be added to the count.

Knowing how many to prepare for is very important to our cooks.  If you need to cancel you can do that also on the form.

*Our form seems to be working again.  If you are unable to fill it out please contact the Church Office @ 804-758-2720. Thank you*